Apr 132011
The Tree Year:: Early Spring

Seattle is having one of the worst early springs on record. Thanks to La Nina, we have had a very wet and very cool spring with nearly every day below average temperatures. To be fair, the cold, wet weather is slightly better than the dry, hot weather which is resulting in wildfires in the south, also thanks to La Nina. Fortunately, our local weather genius, Cliff Mass, tells us that La Nina is finally starting to go away, but not without keeping us cool and wet for another month. A week ago we had huge thunder and lightning storms and …continue reading

Jan 202011
The Tree Year:: Birches in January

The Tree year is a world-wide project started this year where participants choose a tree, shrub or some combination and write about it throughout the year. I once did a similar project at my college, where I kept a journal of a deciduous larch during one term. This time however, I plan to watch more than just the turning of the leaves, I plan to watch the wildlife from birds to insects, the leaves, the weather’s affect, the other plants around and on it, and any other surprises I find. I wanted to choose a tree that I walked past regularly in …continue reading