PNW Nature Blog Scavenger Hunt Answers

Many thank you’s to everyone who participated, read the posts and had fun with our Pacific Northwest Nature Blog Scavenger Hunt! We hope you discovered some new blogs to follow and learned something interesting about the Pacific Northwest. Congratulations to the winners!

If you didn’t get a chance to participate, the questions and links are still active and we encourage you to read the 17 posts from a wide variety of PNW bloggers.

For those who are curious, here are the correct answers to the questions:

What fleeting flowers are “here one moment and gone the next”? This answer was found on the Mama Gone Green blog written by Taryn Oakley. The post was titled ‘A Nature Blog Scavenger Hunt’ and was about seasonal rhythm of change. The answer to the question is trillium are here one moment and gone the next.

What is in an owl pellet? The answer…

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2015 PNW Nature Blog Scavenger Hunt

UPDATE:: You now have until Sunday, March 22nd to submit your answers!

Welcome to the 2015 Pacific Northwest nature blog Scavenger Hunt! You’re invited to participate and win some wonderful prizes (shown below). I’m very pleased to present a wonderful collection of nature bloggers and some fantastic prizes. In the process we hope you find some new blogs to follow, learn a lot about the wonderful and fascinating Pacific Northwest and finally, have a lot of fun!

The Rules
  • Find the answers to the questions listed below in the links to the blogs. (We don’t want to make it easy on you, so the order of questions and links are random.)
  • There is one question and answer per blog post.
  • Submit the answers to the questions along with the name of the blog where you found it.
  • Use this contact form to enter your submission (answers with corresponding blog name) and your…

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