Kelly Brenner in Conversation with Seattle Audubon

Here is a talk I gave to Seattle Audubon members and a discussion with them about Nature Obscura: A City’s Hidden Natural World.

Kelly Brenner in discussion with Seattle Audubon from Seattle Audubon on Vimeo.

With wonder and a sense of humor, Nature Obscura author Kelly Brenner aims to help us rediscover our connection to the natural world that is just outside our front door–we just need to know where to look.
In this presentation, Kelly introduces us to some of the wild creatures that live with us, and answers questions from the audience.

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Nature Obscura Talk With Lyanda Lynn Haupt

Last night I had the honor of sitting down with Lyanda Lynn Haupt, the author of Crow Planet and The Urban Bestiary, among others, to talk about my new book, Nature Obscura: A City’s Hidden Natural World for Town Hall Seattle. This was particularly meaningful event for me because Crow Planet really inspired my explorations of urban nature when I read it.

Watch the entire talk below.

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Nature Obscura Published!

Nature Obscura is officially published today! This is my first book and I’m beyond excited it’s now out in the wild and already landing in the hands of people who have pre-ordered it.

Order a copy from your local bookshops to help support them during this challenging time.

With wonder and a sense of humor, Nature Obscura author Kelly Brenner aims to help us rediscover our connection to the natural world that is just outside our front door — we just need to know where to look.

Through explorations of a rich and varied urban landscape, Brenner reveals the complex micro-habitats and surprising nature found in the middle of a city. In her hometown of Seattle, which has plowed down hills, cut through the land to connect fresh- and saltwater, and paved over much of…

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Happy Mother’s Day to our Pacific Northwest Animal Mothers

In the Pacific Northwest we have several dedicated animal mothers. This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate our wild neighbors. 

Read my article on ParentMap: 5 Northwest Animal Moms Who Can Teach Us About Parenting

I’m thrilled that KCTS also picked up this article celebrating our animal mothers.

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Seattle City Nature Challenge

Beginning tonight, at midnight, the first Seattle City Nature Challenge begins. Launched last year as an effort between Los Angeles and San Francisco, this year it’s expanded to 16 US cities, including Seattle, which I’m organizing. 

The City Nature Challenge is a nationwide urban bioblitz for anyone and everyone to participate in. Together, we can help document the urban nature of Seattle for science. Anyone can be a citizen scientist from April 14-18 and it’s very easy:

  1. Download the iNaturalist app (available for Android and iOS)
  2. Get outside and take photos of everything in nature; moss/lichen/birds/insects/plants/sea life/etc.
  3. Record your photos as observations in the iNaturalist app
  4. Repeat!

You do not know what it is you’re taking photos of, others on iNaturalist can help identify it.

If you do not have a smart phone, no problem. You can take photos and post them on…

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365 Nature Photography Show

Beginning Saturday, April 8th, I will be showing photography from my 365 Nature Project at Machine House Brewery in the Georgetown neighborhood in Seattle. The photos will be on view for a month, until May 7th. All the photos I’ve selected are of urban nature in Seattle. Come by and see the diversity of life we have in the city.

If you’re in Seattle, or find yourself in Seattle during the month, please stop in and take a look at the photos!

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