Planet B612 Podcast

I’m very excited to be featured in the very first episode of the new Planet B612 Podcast where I talked about everything from Nature Obscura to slime molds, nudibranchs, kendo and anime.

Planet B612 Episode 1: Kelly Brenner (Naturalist)

And here are audiogram sneak peeks at the episode!

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The Lady Who Loved Insects

Written in twelfth century Japan, the short story The Lady Who Love Insects was likely meant as a cautionary tale but has since become an inspiration for Hayao Miyzaki when creating his iconic Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. In the The Lady Who Love Insects, the Lady is extremely eccentric and refuses to conform to the normal societal appearance of her position. She leaves her teeth unblackened, her eyebrows are unplucked and natural, her hair loose and she generally ignores the traditional fashion.

 “It is the person who wants the truth and inquires into the essence of things who has an interesting mind.”

The Lady Who Loved Insects
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

But perhaps more eccentric than her appearance,…

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Surprising Slime Mold and New Beetles

To say this has been a weird summer would be an understatement. Because of the pandemic, there was no annual trip abroad to explore new landscapes and nature, and I haven’t done a good job getting out locally either. Part of the reason for that is with nothing else do do, and being cooped up so much, people have been packing into parks and nature spaces since the spring and trails and parking have been overly crowded as a result. Going into nature with crowds is worse than not going at all to me, so I’ve spent a lot of time at home.

That’s not to say I’m not going out at all though! I try to select the quieter weekday times when places are less busy, and so it was I found myself at one of my usual haunts in Sammamish to…

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Owl Fly VERSUS Owl

It’s time for the third edition of my highly unbiased and scientific infographic comparing invertebrates and vertebrates who share names.

This round I focused on the owl fly, an invertebrate that is often confused for a dragonfly but is unrelated, and a familiar nocturnal bird, the owl.

Here are the previous VERSUS 

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How to be a Backyard Naturalist Webinar

Watch a recording of ‘How to be a Backyard Naturalist’, a conversation I did with Ken Keffer, author of Earth Almanac and hosted by Bellamy Pailthorp an environment reporter for KNKX.

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Invertebrate Quiz: Take Flight

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