365 Nature – Day 364

In 2016 I’m doing a 365 Nature project. Learn more about the project and see all the 365 Nature posts.

After my final adventures for the year, today I spent going through photos and finishing my posts from the last two days. I’m exhausted, but fulfilled. It’s now started raining and it feels like a good day to rest. And what better way to rest on a rainy day than with a set of nature poets?

In the autumn I was reading the poet John Clare from the new Faber Nature Poets series and shortly before that I had purchased the John Keats edition from the same series. I’ve enjoyed the books very much and had the rest of the series on my wishlist. Luckily for me I received the rest of the set as gifts last week and have been eager to read them. Now that my 365 Nature Project is nearly over and it’s winter maybe I’ll have some time to read. Although, to be honest, because I’ve had such fun during my winter explorations I doubt I’ll spend too much time inside even now.

The Faber Nature Poets series is a beautiful set of books, illustrated wonderfully. The illustrations are all by different artists, but they seem to match together perfectly to make a lovely collection. It’s also exciting to get to know new poets. While I’m familiar with Keats and Clare and a little of the others, Thomas Hardy and Edward Thomas are both fairly new to me. I look forward to exploring these books, the poets and their perspective on nature.

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