365 Nature – Day 262

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Today I got to indulge in a bit of bugdork fandom when we went to the Burke Museum for their Bug Blast day and I got to meet The Bug Chicks. I’ve long been a fan of The Bug Chicks and supported their Sofa Safari film project and my bugdork sticker has been on my car and their poster in my daughter’s room every since. We were lucky to see them four years ago when they were last at Bug Blast here in Seattle and the experience has stuck with me. They are masters of science education and the audience was fully engaged from the start. Today Jessica was missing and Kristie carried the show solo, but what a show. The kids and adults were eager and excited to learn about the bugs and then to touch and hold them. Kristie has a phenomenal talent at instilling confidence in her audience and I didn’t see many kids or adults shrink away from her bugs. In fact more than once, the kids who did not want to touch the bugs the first time came back later and did touch or even hold them. At the end Kristie had anyone who wanted a chance to hold the vinegaroon to line up on the curb. By the time she arrived with the vinegaroon there was a long line with both big hands and little hands held out waiting their turn.

The Bug Chicks work is inspiring and it’s even more inspiring to see the impact they have on not only kids, but the adults as well. I’m definitely a fan and supporter and today a little starstruck. Thanks Kristie!

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