365 Nature – Day 251

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The cool, cloudy weather inspired me to visit Seward Park today, but instead of the paved loop trail around the perimeter of the park we usually go on, we opted for the forested interior. The blissful Pacific Northwest forests are perfect any time of the year, but the autumn months lend a certain something special to the feel of our woods. The large, crisp leaves from the Big Leaf Maple tree drift around on the ground offering a change, while the Douglas Fir’s steadfast needles lends a sense of stability. The Indian Plum leaves are mostly brown and fallen, but a few plants cling to a few, hanging like pendants.

It’s not yet officially autumn and the fungi seem to be keeping to a strict schedule as we could find none today. It was apparently a day of slugs however, and we found many on or next to the path. Brown, yellow, black, all different colors, but all moving at the same slow pace, leaving their trails behind. In the center of the park we encountered only one other person, although we could hear a leaf blower in the distance, a perpetual and inescapable sound this time of year. The dark, but rain-less clouds drifted overhead creating an autumnal ambiance to the forest. To finish the effect, a lone Raven croaked above us.

I’ve heard and spotted a few Ravens in our parks this year on Day 86 and Day 106, and I still wonder if there are a pair at each of the larger parks, Lincoln Park, Seward Park, Discovery Park, or if there are a couple drifting between the parks. I’d be happy to have the presence of Ravens in the city.

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