365 Nature – Day 19

In 2016 I’m doing a 365 Nature project. Each day of the year I will post something here about nature. It may be any format, a photo, video, audio, sketch or entry from my nature journal. It could be a written piece. Each day I will connect to nature in some way and share it here by the end of that day. You can keep up-to-date by subscribing to the RSS feed or be notified by email. See all the 365 Nature posts.

Nearly a month into 365 Nature and I hadn’t done a sketch in my nature journal yet. Today I decided to remedy that by sketching a Great Blue Heron I saw from Day 16 at Magnuson Park and documenting what else I saw that trip. I also got around to adding watercolor to a sketch I had done back in November of a Barred Owl. Above you’ll find both sketches.

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Read about my adventures learning to do watercolor sketching.

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