My freelance writing on natural history has appeared in National Wildlife Magazine, Crosscut, ParentMap and others. You can find them on the Freelance page.

My book about overlooked urban nature will be out Spring 2020 from Mountaineers Books.

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I am a lifelong naturalist and have been exploring the Pacific Northwest for decades. My interest began with birds and expanded to encompass all natural history from the tide pools to the forest. Although I observe everything, I have favorites, dragonflies, slime mold and nudibranchs in particular. 

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I have spent years photographing nature, from trees to chickadees. Although I focus my lens on everything, I have a particular interest in macro photography looking at invertebrates. 

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My Twitter game #StreetCreatures was featured on The Verge: Test your animal knowledge with these challenges on Twitter
My article Writing When on the Autism Spectrum was the inaugural piece in The Open Notebook’s ‘Diverse Voices’ series. 
Read my essay Web of Possibility on the City Creatures blog.
I was featured talking about City Nature Challenge on KUOW: Volunteers are counting every species around Puget Sound


Poem of the Week: The Stolen Child
WHERE dips the rocky highlandOf Sleuth Wood in the lake,There lies a leafy islandWhere flapping herons wakeThe drowsy water-rats;There we’ve hid our faery vats,Full of...

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Field Journal: Caddisfly Swarms
There are downsides and upsides to walking the same route with great frequency. Sometimes it can become tedious and feel repetitive, but then there are...

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Diary of an Urban Wild Garden: The Day of the Dragon
All week long, as I worked outside, I watched teneral dragonflies, those that had just made the transformation from larvae to adult, fly away from...

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Poem of the Week: The Fly
How large unto the tiny flyMust little things appear!—A rosebud like a feather bed,Its prickle like a spear; A dewdrop like a looking-glass,A hair like...

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Diary of an Urban Wild Garden: Sawflies
Being a naturalist often illustrates an interesting phenomenon. When I first learn about something, likes slime molds for example, I suddenly start finding them everywhere....

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