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NATURE OBSCURA: A City’s Hidden Natural World will be published April 2020 from Mountaineers Books. Pre-order now on IndieBound, Amazon.


My freelance writing on natural history has appeared in National Wildlife Magazine, Crosscut, ParentMap and others. You can find them on the Freelance page.

I have also written about natural history on this website for a decade. Click on ‘Features’ or go to Articles.


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I have spent years photographing nature, from trees to chickadees. Although I focus my lens on everything,
I have a particular interest in macro photography looking at invertebrates. 



You can now buy prints of some of my photos in my Etsy Shop.
I was on KUOW talking crows vs eagles and other urban animals. In a wildlife fight, who wins against a crow? 
You can now play every past #StreetCreatures quiz here, just go to ‘Street Creatures‘ on the menu.
My Twitter game #StreetCreatures was featured on The Verge: Test your animal knowledge with these challenges on Twitter
My article Writing When on the Autism Spectrum was the inaugural piece in The Open Notebook’s ‘Diverse Voices’ series. 


Poem of the Week: The Hawk
By William Butler Yeats Call down the hawk from the air;Let him be hooded or cagedTill the yellow eye has grown mild,For larder and spit...

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Poem of the Week: The Moon
By Robert Louis Stevenson The moon has a face like the clock in the hall;She shines on thieves on the garden wall,On streets and fields...

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Field Journal: Kurjenrahka National Park
At the end of the first day of my solo tour of Finland’s National Parks, I drove from Puurijarvi-Isosuo National Park, a little south to...

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Folklore & Nature: Cadborosaurus
British Columbians! Lift up a chorus!To greet the arrival of Cadborosaurus!He may have been here quite a long time before us,But he’s shy and don’t...

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Poem of the Week: Snufkin’s Song
This week isn’t actually a poem, but a song from Tove Jansson’s Moomin books from my favorite character, Snufkin. “I meander through the forests in...

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