My freelance writing on natural history has appeared in National Wildlife Magazine, Crosscut, ParentMap and others. You can find them on the Freelance page.

My book about overlooked urban nature will be out Spring 2020 from Mountaineers Books.

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I am a lifelong naturalist and have been exploring the Pacific Northwest for decades. My interest began with birds and expanded to encompass all natural history from the tide pools to the forest. Although I observe everything, I have favorites, dragonflies, slime mold and nudibranchs in particular. 

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I have spent years photographing nature, from trees to chickadees. Although I focus my lens on everything, I have a particular interest in macro photography looking at invertebrates. 

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I was on KUOW talking crows vs eagles and other urban animals. In a wildlife fight, who wins against a crow? 
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My Twitter game #StreetCreatures was featured on The Verge: Test your animal knowledge with these challenges on Twitter
My article Writing When on the Autism Spectrum was the inaugural piece in The Open Notebook’s ‘Diverse Voices’ series. 


Poem of the Week: Real Presence
By Nan Shepherd Clear as the endless ecstasy of starsThat mount for ever on an intense air;Or running pools, of water cold and rare,In chiselled...

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Poem of the Week: The Oracle
By Arthur Davison Ficke I lay upon the summer grass.A gold-haired, sunny child came by,And looked at me, as loath to pass,With questions in her...

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Poem of the Week: The Tables Turned
By William Wordsworth Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books; Or surely you’ll grow double: Up! up! my Friend, and clear your looks; Why all this...

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Poem of the Week: Amico Suo
By Herbert P. Horne When on my country walks I go,I never am alone:Though whom ‘t were pleasure then to knowAre gone, and you are...

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Poem of the Week: The Cloud
By Percy Bysshe Shelley I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers, From the seas and the streams; I bear light shade for the leaves when...

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